Hello! I tried the new Trader Joe’s Carrot Spirals this weekend and wanted to let ya know my thoughts. but first let’s talk running and eating…

Pre-run I had some cereal and a packet of Mango Spark. in some cases I drink it as a pre-workout but really it’s a pre-run drink. other times Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Catar I drink it on long runs. in some cases I snort a line of it from the counter or use it as glitter and put it in my  hair…
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The rock formation on the path is still there. I’m going to call it OC Stonehedge.

Random running interaction… I stopped to walk after the podcast I was listening to was over (my app goes to another podcast that’s next in line or that was listening to before to something but never the one I want). Anyway.

A runner man came running up behind me and stopped to say, “You run a lot, I see you running a lot – are you just doing it or do you run races?”

I love talking about running so I was all about it. He ran his first marathon in February – the Phoenix Marathon. and I asked him if he was running the OC Marathon this weekend (use code RER5OFF for a discount – probably the LAST day is today). No, he said he was taking it kinda easy with races.

The end.

When I got home I did a BeachBody on demand workout…

Then made a Camiseta Manchester United green smoothie while eating tortilla chips. That’s how I do.

Okay… now for the Carrot Spirals.

When I purchased them this weekend the checker at Trader Joes asked if I had tried them before. They’re new and he hadn’t tried them yet.

Nope! but I was thrilled about ‘em.

I think one of the secrets to making veggie noodles taste good is to use them in a dish that uses the ‘regular’ version of sauce and/or meat. using veggie noodles with a organic chia seed beet sauce instead of OG marinara isn’t going to give you a satisfying experience if you’re not used to an alternative noodle and alternative sauce.

I made this dish with ground turkey – which I always use for spaghetti and a jarred sauce – which I also always use.

First – an entire onion. Then, I added the ground turkey and a ton of seasonings like garlic powder, 21 seasoning blend, salt…

After the ground turkey was done I put it in a container and used that same skillet to ‘cook’ the carrot spirals.

Can I call them coodles because zucchini noodles are called zoodles??

They cooked up very quickly. Then, I put them on a plate and topped the carrot noodles with ground turkey and tomato sauce.

Thoughts on Carrot Noodles from Trader Joes: I loved them. They were very easy to make (I just followed the directions on the box). They have a good consistency. They’re not exact like pasta, but closer than those tofu / shirataki noodles. They smell a little sweet so I think they’d be great with a cream sauce too. They aren’t made of strange ingredients – just carrots and salt. Boom.

If you viewed my Instagram stories from this weekend you might have caught me cooking this!

But I have another reason for you to check out Run eat Repeat’s Instagram…

I am running a giveaway best now for a prize pack of Nathan sports hydration should haves:

a handheld water-bottle, a running belt and a hydration belt with 2 bottles plus it fits a big phone like the iphone 7.

Question: have you tried carrot or zucchini or other veggie noodles?

Which one? How’d you make it?



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